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Everyone has their own version of the ideal body image. While some of these views are heavily influenced by the unrealistic expectations and standards of society, a healthy outlook about how you want your body to look, and more importantly how you want to feel, can help you find your motivation and your best level of fitness. Sculpting your figure to get the toned, firm body you want takes not only motivation but also quite a bit of hard work. So for some, looking for a little extra help to shape the way you look can give you a little boost in the right direction, granted you’re being realistic and kind to yourself in the process.

From coolsculpting to ultherapy
There are plenty of products and procedures available to help you achieve the look you are working toward. The most important thing is that you are honest with yourself about how you feel with your appearance and what you are doing to change it. If there is anything about your decision that has to do with any outside influence as opposed to something you truly want to do for yourself. Once you’ve established that, you can begin to consider what’s best for you. If your goal is to remove stubborn body fat, you might think about coolsculpting. Or perhaps your goal is more centered around smoother, younger looking skin, in which case you might be looking at botox or ultherapy. If you are dealing with menopausal symptoms, hormone replacement therapy could be your answer. Or you might be more interested in finding an all natural or herbal remedy. Shopping around for ideas and asking questions will help you to find the perfect fit for what will make you feel your best.

What can each of these options do for me?
One survey conducted for consumers by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery found that almost 75% of people have thought about getting some sort of cosmetic work done to tighten or smooth skin, as about 3 out of 5 people are bothered by the sagging of their skin. Keep in mind that what society deems “perfect” skin could also been seen as a lack of experience or adventure, as we begin to wear our age and experiences visibly over time. But if you’d rather keep things looking young, you have options.

  • Coolsculpting
    Coolsculpting is a process that uses suction and cooling plates to get rid of fat cells. The specific targeting and controlled cooling methods help to crystalize the fat cells under the skin, killing those cells so that the body can process them naturally and rid the body of them. Around 25% of the fat cells that are in the area being targeted during the process are killed in a treatment.
  • Ultherapy
    This treatment is non-invasive and is meant to tighten and lift loose skin around the face, neck, and chest. It utilizes ultrasound energy, using heat to stimulate collagen being naturally produced. The most significant changes will start to show over the course of two or three months later, as the collagen gradually changes the tone and elasticity of the skin.
  • Botox
    Perhaps currently the most well-known of the procedures in this list, botox injections paralyze muscles in the face to prevent wrinkles from developing. Of those undergoing these types of treatments, around 82% of patients will see changes in anywhere from one to two weeks of the treatment.
  • Hormone replacement therapy
    Maybe you aren’t as interested in changing your appearance as you are getting a bit of relief from the roller coaster of menopause. For the majority of women, menopause occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. Hormone replacement therapy uses estrogens to treat symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness. This therapy can also be used to treat osteoporosis.

The number one thing to remember about home health care and the process of dealing with your body is that you are beautiful and you should do what makes you feel the most alive. Find a way to get rid of those wrinkles or stubborn bulges if you must, but know that you don’t have to. Gaining physical evidence on your body that you have lived a long and full life should be seen as an honor. Be proud of getting to where you have.

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