Are You Looking for Relief from Shoulder Pain?


Massage therapy beneficial

Your shoulder never hurts when you are doing gymnastics.
At least that is what you keep telling yourself.
When you are up on the balance beam throwing your aerial back handspring series you never feel any pain in your shoulder. As soon as you go to bed, however, the pain in your shoulder is so intense that your arm sometimes goes numb. And while the team trainer has tried to help you get some relief, your should and your back have gotten so tight that the trainer is unable to make any progress. You finally decided that it might be time to get a targeted therapeutic massage to see if you can finally get some relief from the pain.
Fortunately, the therapeutic massage was able to provide you enough relief that you were able to start doing some exercises that allowed you to get your mobility back and finish out the season.
Massage Therapy for Pain Is Sometimes the Best Way to Work Your Way Through an Injury
The benefits of massage therapy are pretty extensive. In fact, using trigger point massage and deep tissue massage can help athletes and others experiencing pain find the relief they are looking for.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the ways that different kinds of massage are used in today’s health system:

  • An average of 15% of adult Americans received at least one massage between July 2013 and July 2014, according to the AMTA 2014 consumer survey.
  • 23% of massage consumers had a massage for stress reduction or relaxation between July 2013 and July 2014.
  • 54 million American adults had discussed massage therapy with their doctors or health care providers in the the year 2013.
  • 92% of Americans agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain.
  • 15 to 90 minutes is the average massage session time, with the length of the time being determined by the type of massage and how much time the patient has.
  • The majority of massage therapy referrals come from chiropractic offices when compared to any other sources. In fact, 13% of respondents reporting receiving chiropractic referrals at least once a week, and another 24% receiving referrals several times a month.

Whether you are a college gymnast or you are a factory worker, pain can sometimes keep you from doing what you love or doing what you need to complete. Finding a way to work through this pain often involves physical therapy, prescribed exercises, and therapeutic massage.
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