Achilles Injuries 101: How To Know If You’ve Ruptured Your Achilles Tendon


Your Achilles tendon is the strong fibrous cord connecting the muscles in your heel bone to the back of your calf. When you overstretch your Achilles tendon, it can either tear completely or partially. This tear is called a rupture.

Achilles tendon injuries often occur in athletes, but they can happen to anyone who extends their Achilles tendon too far.

How do I know if I’ve ruptured my Achilles tendon?

If your Achilles tendon has ruptured, you’ll feel a sharp pain in the back of your ankle. In some cases, you might hear a pop. It’ll be difficult to walk afterward because of the pain.

Common symptoms experienced by those who have had their Achilles tendon rupture include the following:


  • An inability to bend the foot down
  • An inability to push off the foot when walking
  • An inability to stand on the toes of the affected foot
  • Pain near the heel
  • Swelling near the heel
  • The feeling of having been kicked in the calf


What causes an Achilles tendon to rupture?

Your Achilles tendon helps you walk, so it’s an important part of your physical movement in everyday activities. Your Achilles tendon is especially important when it comes to playing sports because it’s what allows your feet to rise up, point down with your toes, and push off your feet.

Your Achilles heel may rupture for the following reasons:


  • Fall from a certain height
  • Stepping into a hole
  • Increasing intensity of sports that involve jumping
  • Landing on your foot at a wrong angle
  • Over-extending your foot


How can I avoid rupturing my Achilles tendon?

Certain factors such as your participation in recreational sports or your age can affect your chances of rupturing your Achilles tendon. Fortunately, you can prevent an Achilles tendon rupture by increasing your sports participation or activity slowly.

You can also prevent a rupture by carefully choosing your running surfaces, avoiding running on slippery surfaces, and varying your exercises.

Where can I go if I need an Achilles tendon repair?

Up to 30 million American kids and teenagers participate in organized sports. If you’ve suffered from an injury to your Achilles tendon it’s crucial to seek treatment. Achilles tendon repair is most often performed with surgery, although there are some nonsurgical options available, too.

If you’re suffering from an injury to your Achilles tendon, we are the place for you. To learn more about our orthopedic surgery center and Achilles injury treatment options, contact us today.

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