4 Reasons to Start Practicing Archery


Archery is certainly popular throughout the world. There are many people taking part in archery. One study from 2016 found that there were nearly 7.9 million people in archery who were above the age of six. However, archery often feels overwhelming to those just starting out. That being said, learning how beneficial archery is might inspire you to keep training. With that in mind, here are four major benefits of practicing archery.

  • Rapidly Increasing Your Strength

    One major benefit of practicing archery is that it makes your physically stronger. While first becoming an archer, pulling a bow is probably going to feel strange. Therefore, you might want to consider using bow trainers. These archery training aids are bows with multiple strings. In turn, you can practice pulling a bow using comfortable amounts of resistance. As you become stronger, you can practice pulling strings that are more naturally resistant. In most cases, a bow trainer is all you need to practice proper archery strength training.
  • Making You More Coordinated

    Coordination is an extremely important part of your life. In order to complete many complicated tasks, it’s imperative to be somewhat coordinated. It’s possible to increase your coordination while participating in certain activities, especially archery. The entire act of a shooting a bow might look simple. However, it requires multiple judgments that your mind and body are all making at one. At first, you’re going to miss your fair share of targets. Over time, your coordination improves. You’ll soon become better at making these quick judgments, improving your accuracy.
  • Losing Weight

    It might seem odd that archery could help you lose weight. However, it’s important to note that this sport requires quite a bit of walking. Even during practice, you’re standing up continually. In addition, you’ll need to walk in order to collect your arrows from a target. If you’re taking part in archery tournaments, you’ll burn much more calories. In fact, many archery tournaments have the average participant burning between 100 to 150 calories every 30 minutes. Don’t worry about injuries at this tournament. Recent research from the National Safety Council found that archery is over three times safer than the sport of golf.
  • Boosting Your Self Confidence

    As you see yourself become better at something, it makes you feel more confident. Considering that, you’ll experience this same sense of confidence while practicing archery. At first, it’s common to feel extremely uncomfortable during the early stages of practice. However, your skills will increase through experience and time. As these increases in skill happen, you become a better archer. In turn, you’re likely to watch your sense of self confidence increase.

In closing, there are many benefits to becoming an archer. In order to enjoy these benefits, you’ll need to spend some time practicing. If you want to become a better archer right away, consider using a bow trainer. Bow trainers allow new archers to increase their strength and stamina. In addition, even professional archers use bow trainers to keep their skills sharp in between competitions. If you’re able to continually practice and use the right equipment for archery training, your skills will increase rapidly.

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