3 Lessons From Summer Camp to Remember All Year Long


Many parents are stressed out at the prospect of having to have their children at home all summer. This is why summer camp can provide welcome relief for many of these individuals. It also provides the children with a chance to have some fun and make some new friends. There are many options when it comes to summer camp, and it is worth it to do your research on this topic.

It is possible that you have many questions when it comes to 2021 summer camp options. For example, you might wonder, what are the best summer camps in Broward County? Where can I find great boy camps near me? What are the best camps in my area? What types of children’s day camp can I expect to find in my area? If you do the appropriate research, you should be able to find the answers to your questions. It will likely depend quite a bit on where you live. In some cases, you might be willing to send your kids away to camp in a different city or state. It really depends on what the needs are for you and your kids, and what you are willing to do.

Summer’s over, and your child is surely still feeling separation pangs from summer camp. The realities of school and cooler weather are here, or they are fast approaching. But the many benefits of a summer spent away at camp don’t need to simply dissipate into the fall air. They can be extended all year long.

In fact, here are three strategies to help you make that dream a reality:

Sign Up For New Classes

One of the coolest things about camp is how it got your child to try new activities that they otherwise would have never explored. Even if you’re reluctant to encourage a newfound interest in bows and arrows, that kind of adventurousness shouldn’t be exclusively reserved for camp. Instead, try to replicate that by picking classes and activities that might seem off the beaten path for you and your child. That might mean signing up for a gymnastics class, or one of the many young adult programs offered at the gym.

Join a Fitness Center

Chances are your child came home from camp this summer with a glowing tan, improved coordination, and toned muscles, and they didn’t even realize it. Only one in three children is active every day, and camp offers the unique opportunity to integrate fitness and exercise seamlessly into everyday life. Since less than 5% of adults get enough physical activity every day, why not join the fitness center together and make it a point to continue the activeness of the summer together?

Start Traditions

What keeps campers coming back year after year? Tradition.

Whether it be something as simple as meal time cheers, camp-wide color wars, or something as sentimental as the end of camp candle ritual, the fact of the matter is that these little rituals makes one feel that they belong and are a part of something larger than themselves. Make sure to reinforce your unique and fun traditions at home too; plus, it’ll make mundane things a lot more exciting. Some ideas include waking up early to make an elaborate breakfast on the first day of school or going out to get ice cream to celebrate good grades.

One thing is for sure — the benefits of summer camp don’t need to be limited to the summer season. Whether you join a fitness center or take a new class, you’ll be able to have that summer glow all year long.

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