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What You Need to Know About at Home Medical Testing

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There are more and more conditions and health related issues that can be monitored and tested for at home. No longer are the at home pregnancy tests the only ones you can get. From STD testing at home to kits to look at a person’s cholesterol level or even diagnose colon cancer or a urinary tract infection, people can find out what may be ailing them at home before they make the treat to a medical walk in clinic.

When these tests, such as the STD testing at home, patients can deal with their health care needs in the most private setting. Few people want the world to know if they are going to go through the STD testing procedure. Before you buy any of these testing kits, there are some things you should ch

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Get Tested! (What To Do if You Suspect an STD)

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Did you know: More than half of all people will have an STD at some point in their lives. While it may feel like a big deal, there are easy ways to ensure that you can deal. If you think that you might have an STD, it’s essential to know what steps to take next.

The very first thing you should do is get tested. Apparently, fewer than 40% of young women who are sexually active are tested for STDs. It may be stressful to imagine being tested, but it can’t be nearly as stressful as the possible symptoms you could develop. Over 90% of people with genital herpes don’t know that they have it, so even if you haven’t exhibited any symptoms, you still shouldn’t hesitate. While there are STD testing kits ava

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Push for Mental Health Urgent Care Centers Grows

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Los Angeles country made national headlines over the summer for their decision to use a $1 million health care grant to construct an emergency mental health urgent care center in hope of keeping the mentally ill out of jail. The goal of the newly erected Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical center is treat and evaluate patients experiencing a mental health crisis while connecting them with long-term care. Additionally, the center was created to ease the burden on short-staffed mental health emergency departments.

While the concept of mental health urgent care centers is fairly new, the urgent care movement itself began nearly forty years ago during the social revolution of the 1970’s. Since that time, the popularity of urgent care facil

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