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Is Trigeminal Neuralgia Causing Difficulty In Your Life?

Living with chronic pain is something that many individuals have to deal with. In fact, over 1.5 billion people have admitted to suffering from some sort of chronic pain. 59% of chronic pain suffers have reported that it is due to this that their lives are not lived to the fullest and their pain takes on an overwhelming portion inflicting serious problems into their lives. One of the ways in which chronic pain can affect ones life is in the means of trigeminal neuralgia.

What is trigeminal neuralgia?

Effecting the trigeminal nerve, trigeminal neuralgia is chronic pain in your face that is carried to your brain. Even mild stimulations with your face can cause an excruciating jolt of pain that is unavoidable and very difficult to live with.

This pain can be presented in sort mild attacks or can be frequent bouts that last longer and cause more pain than what would be sort attacks. Trigeminal neuralgia occurs mostly in woman but can also be found in men as well. The

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Over 20 Million People In America Suffer From Nerve Damage Identifying The Source Of Your Chronic Pain

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Nerve pain is difficult to manage. Not only is it difficult, it’s extremely painful.

If you suspect your pain stems from a deeper issue, meeting with a neurology specialist should be your first course of action. Unlike the occasional stiff neck or pulled muscle nerve pain is more insidious, affecting the complex web of nerves that make up your body’s physical network. An issue in your lower back can cause you to feel pain in your jaw. A pinched nerve in your shoulder can ripple all the way to your hand and make it difficult to type. When you start to feel the telltale signs, taking action sooner rather than later will spell the best possible outcome for your recovery.

Pain reli

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