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3 Benefits of Urgent Care

urgent careAnyone who has ever been in the emergency room will tell you that if they had another care option, they would jump at it. Urgent care provides much of the same care, for less money and less time. There are so many benefits to visiting these centers. Read on for just a few of these benefits.

Less Wait
Over 69% of centers get their patients in for care in under 20 minutes. This translates to faster treatment, allowing you or your loved one to get back home to rest or heal. ER wait times range from a half hour to several hours in comparison, and often, if you have a ‘lesser’ injury, you will wait quite a while for any care. Rather than waiting in a waiting room for hours on end, go to these clinics and they will treat you efficiently and expertly.

Less Money
If you’ve ever been to the ER, you...

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Emergency Room or Urgent Care? Recent Poll Reveals Patient Don’t Always Choose Properly

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The most “wonderful” time of year is here, and with that hospital emergency departments experience a slew of holiday-related injuries, ranging from falls from ladders, injuries sustained while decking the halls, and food and drink related illnesses (too much eggnog or holiday punch or both). However, emergency department physicians have raised concerns that patients may not be clear when to seek medical treatment at an emergency

According to a recent poll conducted by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), 71% of emergency physicians participating in the poll said they treat patients who go to the emergency room only after first going to an urgent care center which was not able to treat them.

Furthermore, 90% of emergency physicians said one of the main reasons patients are referr

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Why You and Your Children Should Trust Pediatric Urgent Care

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It’s an everyday nightmare for most parents: at 8 pm on a Friday night, their child starts coughing and reports feeling tired. By the next morning, they have a fever and may even be vomiting. A quick web search will show that these are common signs of the flu, an infection of the nose, throat and lungs that can become quite serious and is very contagious. A parent’s first impulse will be to take their child to see a physician. However, their local doctor’s office is closed for the weekend and would likely require an appointment. The child could, of course, be seen at an emergency room, but their condition is probably not yet serious to warrant a hospital visit. Moreover, emergency room can often be very expensive. With these factors to consider, how can the parent access medical care for their child?

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