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3 Common Myths About the Walk in Health Clinic walk in health clinics1. The Walk in Health Clinic Is Not Reliable.
The Urgent Care Association of America estimates that 3 million patients seek care from a walk in health clinic each week. While some clinics are only open Monday through Saturday, 85% of them have business hours every day of the week. Clinic doctors must be alert at all times to treat different types of patients. There are presumptions made in regards to the talent level of doctors and nurses employed by clinics. Most assume that these clinics are only able to hire low-level talent, but that is not true. Walk in heath clinics employ some of the top doctors and nurses in the area.

2. The Walk in Health Clinic Is for Severe Symptoms Only
Many patients assume that walk in health clinics are reserved for emergency room-like symptoms, but that is...

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Why Do People Visit the ER?

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When something goes wrong, it can be a stressful situation. Especially when someone is sick or hurt, figuring out where to go can be confusing. Do you visit the family care physicians, after hours urgent care, or the emergency room?

If you have never visited an emergency room except for a major broken bone, it may be confusing as to why so many choose to visit the ER. Recent news articles have highlighted the increased use of the emergency room over using a family health clinic or urgent care facilities.

Many choose to visit the emergency room (ER) for convenience reasons. Below are a few common rationales for why so many choose to visit the emergency room rather than their family care providers.

  • Cheaper care Especially for those who don?t pay when using the ER
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Top 3 Ways to Prevent the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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One of the first things we learn about in sex ed during school is how bad STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) are and how we can avoid getting them. Yet, around 110 million Americans still have an STD of some kind (that’s about one in four!). It’s good to get tested fairly regularly if you’re sexually active, and especially if you’re sleeping with new people. The faster you can nip an STD in the bud, the better. Some, like chlamydia or gonorrhea are fairly simple to treat when caught early, but can have serious impacts if not treated right away. Additionally, many people often don’t know when they’re carrying an STD, as there are often no symptoms early (or even later) on. You could be spreading it to the rest of your sexual partners, who in turn share it with any sexual partners they may have, sno

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