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Radiation Treatment For Cancer Using Pencil Beam Proton Therapy

Radiation treatment for cancer is used to fight a wide range of cancers. Radiation treatment for cancer is used for breast cancer treatment, head and neck cancer treatment, treating prostate cancer and more.

While traditional radiation cancer treatment therapy is effective unfortunately historically it has been difficult to avoid some of the risky side effects. Radiation treatment can damage healthy organs and tissue surrounding the cancer site.

The Problem with Traditional Radiation Treatment Methods

Until recently radiation treatment for cancer meant the potential for damage to healthy organs and tissues. The tools to deliver the radiation did not allow precision treatment of the just the tumor. Other organs nearby were exposed to great doses of radiation.

The serious side effects of traditional radiation treatments could comprom

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When Should You Ask “What is IVF?”

Because about an eighth of all couples experience trouble with pregnancy, fertility experts are in high demand. This can lead to a need for in vitro fertilization, or the IVF cycle. As much as you may want children, a woman’s fertility starts to decline at about 30, and even more at 35. By the age of 40, only about 40% are still fertile. The IVF treatment process can help resolve this issue easily.

What is IVF?

First, IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. This is a treatment process used by couples who have trouble with natural reproduction. In order to improve the change of fertilization, the couple’s egg and sperm are used to create the embryo before it is implanted into the mother. This way it becomes less likely that the mother will have a miscarriage at an early point in the pregnancy and she is more likely to carry the baby to term.

Use of The IVF Treatment P

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