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Are You Looking for Pain Relieve After Years of Competitive Sports?

The benefits of massage therapy are many, and after a lifetime of competitive gymnastics, including a four year college, career, the sports massage is a must. A total of six surgeries have been a part of your young 21 year old life and you are now looking for a way to make every day as comfortable as possible. Your parents tell you that you had to have two different surgeries to release the muscles in your two thumbs and one ring finger. And while you do not remember much about those surgeries that took place before you were six years old, the more recent surgeries are difficult to forget.

The first two were on the same ankle as you searched for a way to recover from gymnastics injuries. Wanting to be able to continue your college career you also ended up having a shoulder surgery in the middle of season on your junior year. That labrum repair, however, worked well and you like to tell people that your senior year was a magical season. You were able to compete in more meets that fi

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