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Stress Levels Are At An All-Time High Why More Americans Are Turning To Massage And Acupuncture

Stress takes on many forms. So many, in fact, it’s easy to overlook the warning signs and interpret them as something else.

Grinding your teeth at night because you’re anxious about bills you have to pay. A stiff neck that seems to get worse the closer to a deadline you near. Little by little stress has a way of invading our lives and taking our bodies for its own. After a point you need to seek out medical intervention to keep stress from bringing you down completely. A Chinese medicine specialist or massage therapist might be what you’ve been looking for all along.

You don’t need to pop painkillers forever. See how an acupuncture session or massage session provided by a Chinese medicine specialist Bethesda could change the way you look at stress.

Chronic Stress And The Impact It’s Leaving On Americans Today

Just how stressed is the American populace? Just take a look at some recent rates on burnout. This condition characterizes a uniform

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