Stress Levels Are At An All-Time High Why More Americans Are Turning To Massage And Acupuncture


Stress takes on many forms. So many, in fact, it’s easy to overlook the warning signs and interpret them as something else.

Grinding your teeth at night because you’re anxious about bills you have to pay. A stiff neck that seems to get worse the closer to a deadline you near. Little by little stress has a way of invading our lives and taking our bodies for its own. After a point you need to seek out medical intervention to keep stress from bringing you down completely. A Chinese medicine specialist or massage therapist might be what you’ve been looking for all along.

You don’t need to pop painkillers forever. See how an acupuncture session or massage session provided by a Chinese medicine specialist Bethesda could change the way you look at stress.

Chronic Stress And The Impact It’s Leaving On Americans Today

Just how stressed is the American populace? Just take a look at some recent rates on burnout. This condition characterizes a uniform mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion due to unchecked stress, that of which can last for weeks…even months. A 2017 study showed nearly 40% of Americans stating their stress level has increased significantly these past few years. Think about the last time you were tense and sore for no apparent reason.

Common Signs Of Unchecked Stress

You might be more stressed than you realize. Our body is in a constant state of informing us of what’s not quite right, warning us in an attempt to change our habits or diet. Grinding your teeth is a common sign of stress you could be overlooking. Chronic headaches, unexplained nausea, and difficulty sleeping are others. While acupuncture is not a cure-all, it’s a great way to start nipping some of your struggle in the bud before it can get worse.

The History Of Chinese Herbal Medicine

There are a lot of misconceptions about Chinese herbal medicine and the impact it’s left on the world. Some view it as little more than all style and no substance, while others swear by it as the go-to resource for pain relief. Chinese herbal medicine has been around for hundreds of years, ranging from traditional acupuncture to unique forms of massage. Choosing one is the first step on your journey to start feeling more like yourself. Even if one doesn’t work, another will no doubt be more to your liking.

Benefits Of A Massage For Mental And Physical Health

Let’s face it. You could probably use a massage. Too many Americans today are struggling under the weight of not just stress, but sore and knotted muscles. Chronic back pain is one of the most common issues facing the working population today — this is followed close behind by wrist pain, hip pain, and neck pain, thanks to recent studies. A single massage once a month can do wonders for helping you sleep better and feel better all-around.

Improving Your Quality Of Life With Regular Sessions

If you’re thinking of reducing some of your stressed symptoms, visiting a Chinese medicine specialist and asking about an acupuncture session is a good place to start. This unique form of pain relief involves using several thin needles carefully injected in and around the pain site. An acupuncturist will answer any questions you have about the process and help you feel more confident in addressing your stress before it arrives. You can couple this with a massage later for a full range of benefits you’ll feel months after the fact.

Challenge your stress. Give yourself a tried and true treatment this month and feel the difference yourself.

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