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What a Hair Specialist Can Do for You!

Are you or someone you know fed up with their thinning hair or hair loss? If so, you should consider what a hair specialist can do for you!

What is a Follicular Unit Extraction?

An FUE transplant is a minimally invasive procedure. To begin, after numbing, hair follicles will be removed one by one from the back of the patients scalp. The area will then be covered by pre-existing hair, as it heals, leaving no trace that follicles were ever extracted. The grafts are then prepared, and a numbing agent is applied to the scalp once again. A hair specialist will then make tiny hole-like incisions where the grafts are to be placed. The grafts will then be individually placed into the holes, a process which can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the size of the transplant. In the end, the results appear very natural, which is a benefit of using follicular units from the patient.


After the procedure you can expect your scalp to be tender, and your

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When You Should Be Immediately Concerned About Back Pain

Age and wear on our bodies gets to us all, and back pain is one of the most common ailments American adults experience. In fact, experts have estimated that around 80% of people will experience some type of back pain during their life. Plenty of people learn to live with occasional mild back pain with a few aspirin and rest. But when should you consider your back pain an emergency situation?

First, let’s look at the different types of back pain: The neck or cervical region, the upper back or thoracic region, and the lower back or lumbar region can all be separately effected. Neck pain and lower back pain are the most commonly experienced...

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Get Menopause Relief with Natural Supplement Alternatives

It’s one of those unavoidable facts of life that women go through menopause. Though many of the symptoms are generally the same, menopause is never the same experience for all women. It’s a personal thing, and you have an important personal choice to make when it comes to how you’re going to manage this natural loss of hormones. Natural supplement alternatives are the safest way to manage your menopause symptoms and keep on feeling like yourself through this process that can be very overwhelming.

Hormone Loss and Menopause

Menopause is truly a stressful time of life, because lots of things are changing everywhere in your body. Any type of shift in hormones can cause symptoms, and even younger women who are not yet going through menopause experience symptoms due to PMS. Premenstrual syndrome, PMS, usually occurs one or two weeks before the menstrual cycle actually begins, and it creates a combination of symptoms. More than 90 percent of women report getting some PMS sympto

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