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5 Common Chronic Pain Conditions In Women And How Therapy Can Help

Millions of women worldwide suffer from chronic pain. In fact, up to 59% of chronic pain sufferers say it has an impact on their overall enjoyment of life.

There are many different conditions that cause chronic pain, and some of these conditions can be treated with physical and psychotherapy. Here are the five most common conditions that cause chronic pain in women and how different therapies can help alongside painkillers.

  1. Chronic pelvic pain. Chronic pelvic pain is any non-menstrual cycle related pain that occurs in the pelvic or vaginal area. This type of pain can last for six months or longer. One way to help reduce chronic pelvic pain is by participating in 20 minutes of daily mindful meditation.
  2. Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia can cause all over aches, pain, fatigue, and cognitive diff...
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Walk In Clinics for the Modern Patient

Americans today face a number of medical maladies, ranging from back pain to rashes to fever to the flu, and these are just the minor ones. Some emergencies such as serious chest pain or a fainting spell call for an ER visit, but for many maladies milder than that, prospective patients have a more convenient option: a walk in clinic. A minor injury or infection can be dealt with at a medical clinic rather than a hospital’s ER, and clinic care of this type is often the best option. Of course, one should consult his/her primary care physician whenever possible, but otherwise, a walk in clinic is a strong option.

Finding the Right Care

Urgent care clinics and walk in clinics have a number of advantages to them. For one thing, they are common: urgent care medicine is practiced by around 20,000 physicians today, and the clinics can be found in nearly any small or large urban center. Retail walk in clinics, for example, can be found at such retail centers as Walgreen’s, Target,

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