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Should I Get A Mammogram? Common Questions Older Women Should Be Asking Their Health Providers

Your health takes on many forms. Are you addressing all of them?

You give yourself a few more hours of sleep to patch up after a stressful few days. You make sure to eat healthy and keep your immune system strong and bone density high. You sign up for yoga or therapy to prioritize your mental health. All these little actions have a positive net effect on your life and keep you feeling great. Your next step should be reaching out to a women’s health doctor and asking them about other areas that could use your attention. Be it determining your bone density or providing you with a mammogram, you’ll be glad you added this detail to the pile.

What should you expect to see when performing a biopsy on the breast? Is it worth getting a second opinion? Learn more below.

Simple Facts About Women’s Health Today

Women’s health has a lot to go up against. You have to consider the onset of early menopause, switching birth control, getting your pap smear

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