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The Secret to Anti Aging Gracefully

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The secret to good health really isn’t that much of a secret, when you think about it. What we do, more often than not, is treat ourselves poorly and expect some kind of different result. Or, we want to get away with the minimum effort when we know we should be doing more. For example, modest exercise three times a week is good; it’s better than not doing anything. But exercising on most days is better. Recovery time is important, sure, but are we recovering or just spending more time not exercising.

Smoking is a big-time troublemaker when it comes to aging. Not many things take years off of your life the way a cigarette habit can. Smoking cigarettes has been linked to lung cancer. In men, 90% of lung cancer deaths are attributed to smoking; in women, lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking in 80% o

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What To Do In the Case of Weed Addiction

best rehabWhile marijuana is not chemically addictive, it can become a behavioral addiction that can seriously interfere with daily life, responsibilities, and productivity. Weed addiction is often symptomatic of other issues.

The drug, like any other drug, is used as an escape and coping mechanism, so a developed dependency may be indicative of other, deeply rooted problems. Most importantly, the pleasure and ease of escape from one’s problems with marijuana can lead to chemically more dangerous additions, like drug and alcohol dependencies. These more serious substance abuse issues are much harder to shake, and much more harmful — indeed, 47,000 Canadian deaths are to linked to substance abuse annually.

The First Step: Recognition
Recognizing and acknowledging a dependence to marijuana is the firs...

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