The Secret to Anti Aging Gracefully


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The secret to good health really isn’t that much of a secret, when you think about it. What we do, more often than not, is treat ourselves poorly and expect some kind of different result. Or, we want to get away with the minimum effort when we know we should be doing more. For example, modest exercise three times a week is good; it’s better than not doing anything. But exercising on most days is better. Recovery time is important, sure, but are we recovering or just spending more time not exercising.

Smoking is a big-time troublemaker when it comes to aging. Not many things take years off of your life the way a cigarette habit can. Smoking cigarettes has been linked to lung cancer. In men, 90% of lung cancer deaths are attributed to smoking; in women, lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking in 80% of the cases.

Anti aging is a concern among many who are getting older. The life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last 50 years and as a result, most folks want to not only continue to live but live well.

One of the ways we can add quality years to our life if at least to our appearance is by taking care of our skin. Botox and skin peels could very well be an exercise you might participate in, but why not keep things simple. Lifestyle medicine will teach you straight away that applying sunscreen every two hours when outside will go a long way toward keeping your skin healthy.

Keeping one’s brain active can be as profitable as any botox injection when you compare the results. Physically active people who exercise both their bodies and minds have shown significantly less brain shrinkage than their peers who were less active.

But brain exercise, gym time and even a healthy sex life can’t always give you the total result you might be craving. Botox and Kybella are additional measures you might take to restore some of the youthful looks you feel might be slipping away. Both of these injections can be done very safely by your doctor. Discuss with your doctor whether or not Botox or Kybella are right for you.

While it might seem like a stretch, many women who are struggling with symptoms of menopause are seeing significant changes in their health for the better with the use of bioidentical hormone therapy. This therapy is being used very successfully to manage and treat symptoms of menopause in many women. While it isn’t a catch-all for everyone, this type of hormonal therapy can make the change of life a lot less troublesome than it might otherwise be.

Most people who are over the age of 55 are seeing their doctors more regularly. Concierge medicine, where the patient pays an annual or monthly fee totaling about $1200 to $5,000 per year might be the way to go if you are on a budget and are afraid of seeing the doctor too often and racking up bills. This way, you can see your doctor when you need to and keep you healthy self rolling right along.

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