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Have the Hard Conversation with Your Loved One

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How do you tell a loved one they need to go to one of those rehab detox centers? What would you do if a friend or loved insisted that you needed to go to one? Alcohol is a the biggest drug problem in the U.S. Most people are close to someone, whether a friend, coworker, or family member, whose alcohol consumption is worrisome.

Young adults between the ages of 18 to 29 are considered the most vulnerable to developing a drinking problem. The least likely age group is those over 65 years of age. But alcoholism can affect a person at any age. Troublingly, it is estima

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How to Find Safe, Reliable Lice Treatment Options

Ways to get rid of head lice

Proper hygiene is something parents ought to strive for, but even the cleanest heads have to worry about lice. There are around six to 12 million lice infestations among 3 to 11 year-olds every year in the United States. Lice thrive on clean heads, making special precautions necessary to prevent a lice outbreak.

The Biology of Lice

In order to successfully fight lice you must first understand their biology, environment, and temperament. By the time a person starts to feel the effects of a lice infestation, chances are they have already been bitten at least 10,000 times before the itching kicks in; this can be up to four weeks after the initial infestation. Statistically speaking, there are usually only around 10 live lice on a child’s head at a single time. Although

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