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Tummy tuck surgery

From cellulite removal to under eye circles treatment, there are now non-invasive procedures to fix any issue. One of the most cutting edge procedures (pun intended) that is sweeping the non-surgical cosmetic world is CoolSculpting.

At one point, the battle of the bulge could only be conquered through difficult regimes of diet and exercise. Blegh. And if genetics were against you, the only solution was going under the knife. All that has changed with the introduction of CoolSculpting- a procedure that uses non-invasive fat freezing for weight loss and body contouring. The

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How to Best Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer

Cosmetic dermatologist

Skin cancer is all too common in the United States today.  Some estimate nearly 20% – or one in five — people in the United States will be diagnosed with skin cancer.  It is the most common form of cancer in the U.S.  The best dermatologist will tell you that early detection of any cancer is crucial.

When pigment-producing cells’ growth goes uncontrolled
, this is melanoma.  It is the most deadly and dangerous form but it is very curable if caught early.  Once it has spread to the lymph nodes where it can go everywhere in the body and can be fatal.

It is not the only kind of skin cancer.  There are more than 3.5 million non-melanoma skin cancer diagnoses in more than 2 million people each year in the United Stat

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Are There Minimally Invasive Treatment Options For Lower Back Pain?

Spine services reno

In the past, the idea of minimally invasive spine surgery seemed like a medical fantasy. Traditional, open lumbar back surgery required a minimum incision of five to six inches and a lengthy recovery time. Plus, there were nasty side effects — blood loss, risk of infection, muscle damage, prolonged pain, and up to a week or more spent in a hospital bed.

But in 2015, minimally invasive spine surgery techniques have progressed so far that many doctors now refer to it as spinal day surgery. For patients with low back pain or neck pain, MISS provides an outpatient alternative to open surgery. Not only can you avoid a large scar and extended hospital stay, but you can recover relat

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