Daily Skin Care Can Provide a Lifetime of Healthy Results


Cosmetic solutions for skin care

We’ve all had it happen. You are in the middle of getting ready for a big night out. You had your nails done earlier in the day and you just finished the hour long process of getting your hair ready. You finally slow down enough to take a quick look in the mirror before walking out the door. And then you notice it. How could you possible have missed it before? A fairly large pimple has appeared on your chin. It is mostly covered my your makeup, but it likely won’t stay under cover long.

Maybe you should have listened at the salon when that clear skinned woman in the sleek, black smock stopped by to talk to you about a discounted facial. You were in a rush at the time, and you have never really been much of a fan of someone messing with your face, but maybe you should start taking better care of your skin. Maybe some advice on the use of professional skin care products would help you avoid the skin breakouts that seem to come at the very worst times. You have always been a little suspicious of the high end private label cosmetics that they try to push at your salon, but it is probably time to investigate cosmetic solutions for skin care.

Almost 85% of all people deal with acne at some point in their lives, usually on the face, chest, and back. The most common skin disorder in the United States, acne affects 40 million to 50 million Americans. While it usually begins in puberty, the often annoying condition is not restricted to any age group. In fact, adults in their 20s, 30s, 40s — even into their 50s — can develop acne. Many teenagers suffer the most. By their mid-teens, more than 40% of those in their teens have acne, and some even have acne scarring.

Sun exposure, and the resulting effects, are another reason to consider professional skin care products. Even a cloudy day has UV radiation from the sun that reaches the earth’s surface. Using sunscreen every day and reapplying it every two hours when swimming or sweating will provide some protection for your skin. Even if acne and sun exposure are not problems for you, air pollution from traffic can increase pigment or age spots by as much as 20%, leading to deeper lines and wrinkles.

Treatments are abundant, but some skin types respond better to products distributed by private label lotion manufacturers. While they may cost a little more, professional skin care products, which often include private label skin care for spas, often have a more extensive testing background and their labels are more specific in their ingredient listings.

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