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E Cigs What Are They and Why Should I Be Using Them?

Cigarette organic e-liquid

We hear about the dangers of smoking all the time. Commercials display the harmful, often grotesque damages that smoking can do to the body. Adolescents are educated on the detrimental health effects of smoking cigarettes and promote events like “Red Ribbon Week” to celebrate being drug-free. The problem, however, lies in the addictive nature of cigarettes. Many addicts want to quit, but the cigarettes have such a tight grip on their mental, physical and emotional state that it is extremely difficult.

Enter the electronic cigarette, or “e cig.” Electronic cigarettes look like regular cigarettes, but users don’t need a lighter or match to use them. The e cig was invented in the 1960s, but did not gain much popularity in America until about 2007 when it was introduced in the United States as an alte

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