E Cigs What Are They and Why Should I Be Using Them?


Cigarette organic e-liquid

We hear about the dangers of smoking all the time. Commercials display the harmful, often grotesque damages that smoking can do to the body. Adolescents are educated on the detrimental health effects of smoking cigarettes and promote events like “Red Ribbon Week” to celebrate being drug-free. The problem, however, lies in the addictive nature of cigarettes. Many addicts want to quit, but the cigarettes have such a tight grip on their mental, physical and emotional state that it is extremely difficult.

Enter the electronic cigarette, or “e cig.” Electronic cigarettes look like regular cigarettes, but users don’t need a lighter or match to use them. The e cig was invented in the 1960s, but did not gain much popularity in America until about 2007 when it was introduced in the United States as an alternative to smoking tobacco for those addicted to nicotine.

How Electronic Cigarettes Work:

  • The main difference between regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes lies in its content. While regular cigarettes produce smoke, e cigs produce vapor. This vapor comes from the e cig liquid within the cigarette.
  • E cig liquid is mixed with liquid e cig flavors that individuals purchase, making it such an appealing, unique alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Liquid e cig flavors come in virtually ever flavor you could think of — ranging from the more basic liquid e cig juice flavors like watermelon, bubble gum and blue raspberry to more unusual ones such as Java, honeysuckle nectar and strawberry daiquiri. The possibilities are endless, making for a fun and customized experience for everyone. Since e cigs are reusable, you can try any flavor you want as many times as you want.
  • E cigs also come with the option for adjustable nicotine levels. For those heavily addicted to regular cigarettes, this gives them a healthier alternative and allows them to start to wean themselves off of tobacco cigarettes.
  • With the “vaping community” born of e cig usage sweeping across the nation, finding an e cig and e cigarette liquid refills are essentially as easy as going grocery shopping. With over 250 brands of e cigarettes available in more colors than the iPhone 5c, e cig stores everywhere offer a huge variety of e cigarettes and e liquid at affordable costs.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why the phenomenon of “vaping” has taken off. Users of e cigs not only experience a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco-filled cigarettes, but they save so much money from not having to buy packs and packs of cigarettes. E cigs help users to break the cycle of addiction in a fun, safe and affordable way.

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