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Anonymous STD Testing by Urgent Care Facilities

Phoenix std testing

Urgent care facilities provide a wide array of basic medical services, including anonymous STD testing. If you have a problem that you need rapid treatment for, but want to avoid the costs and wait times of emergency rooms, urgent care centers can likely provide you with the care you need. Urgent care centers handle many small emergencies that require treatment, but not the full suite of medical care that emergency rooms have. About 20% of emergency room visits can be handled by an urgent care center, potentially saving patients more than $4 billion every year. A normal emergency room visit costs around $1,500, but treatment for the same conditions in an urgent care facility costs less than $150. Each year, Americans suffer from around one billion colds; imagine how much money could be saved if all o

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The Fast and Affordable Emergency Care Alternative

24 hour urgent care phoenix

Whether you are looking for immediate emergency medical care for a sprained ankle or just looking for local STD testing, urgent care centers will have the staff and resources that you need. Given the fact that urgent care facilities can provide faster and cheaper treatment than hospital emergency rooms, why not skip all the hassle and find urgent care?

Although urgent care centers began to sprout up during the 1970s, the urgent care industry has experienced considerable growth over the past decade. The reason that your local urgent care exists is to provide an emergency medical resource for people with injuries too minor to warrant a visit to the hospital emergency room. Still, one i

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