The Fast and Affordable Emergency Care Alternative


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Whether you are looking for immediate emergency medical care for a sprained ankle or just looking for local STD testing, urgent care centers will have the staff and resources that you need. Given the fact that urgent care facilities can provide faster and cheaper treatment than hospital emergency rooms, why not skip all the hassle and find urgent care?

Although urgent care centers began to sprout up during the 1970s, the urgent care industry has experienced considerable growth over the past decade. The reason that your local urgent care exists is to provide an emergency medical resource for people with injuries too minor to warrant a visit to the hospital emergency room. Still, one in five emergency room patients today could be treated competently by the staff at a local urgent care facility.

There are also a couple of big advantages for patients who choose to seek treatment via a local urgent care center. If you have ever visited a hospital emergency room for a minor injury or illness, chances are the you found yourself waiting for treatment far longer than you wanted. However, 80% of urgent care patients are treated within an hour, while nearly 60% of them are seen by a nurse or physician within 15 minutes of walking through the door!

Urgent care facilities are also an excellent alternative for people seeking immediate care, but don’t have the money or insurance coverage to pay for high emergency room bills. This is because average urgent care costs are only about 10% of the average cost for a single visit to a local hospital emergency room! This means that uninsured people can finally seek emergency medical care without fearing a bill that they might never be able to pay back.

As mentioned above, urgent care centers offer more than emergency medical care. If you or someone you know needs a physical for work or school, a flu shot, or local STD testing, most urgent care centers can provide you with those services.
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