Why Your Local Urgent Care Is Important


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One of the most important industries in the United States today is the medical industry. Since the creation of modern civilization, the medical industry has taken care of people who are of poor health or are in serious condition. Think about how often you will visit the doctor if you are feeling sick, and how for the most part the doctor is able to prescribe the right medicine and diagnose you correctly. Everyone relies on the medical industry more than they even know.

Now that the advancement of medicine continues to soar, the medical industry is changing right before our eyes. The emergence of the urgent care facility is one of the ways in which the medical industry has changed and adapted to the modern age that we live in now. Urgent care locations are expanding in the United States every day. Here are some facts you should know about your local urgent care.

Urgent Care Centers Are Reliable

When people think of an urgent care facility they will falsely view it as a place that gets all of the rejected doctors from other facilities. This is is absolutely foolish to believe because, in fact, the urgent care center will actually employ some of the better doctors in the area. As a matter of fact, there are currently 20,000 physicians practicing medicine in urgent care centers across the United States.

Understand also that the urgent care center also must handle an estimated 3 million patient visits each week per information released by the Urgent Care Association of America. About 85% of all walk in clinics across the United States will be open seven days a week, ready to help a patient at any time. Many of these same urgent care clinics will try to stay open for 24 hours as well.

These Clinics Treat Everything

Now, let’s make sure no one gets carried away here. Do not go to the MultiCare clinic if you have been in a fatal accident or think you may be dying as a result of a wound. A walk-in clinic is not equipped to handle a bullet wound to the chest or a stab wound. However, these types of clinics are better equipped than people even begin to believe.

First and foremost, about four out of every five urgent centers will provide some form of fracture care. This is important to note because about 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain each day. The most common diagnosis in an urgent care center was upper respiratory condition, and the most common procedure was wound repair in 2012.

In Conclusion

If you find yourself feeling sick or unhealthy then you can easily visit the near urgent facility near you. They will bring you in and take care of you in a timely matter which is important because people get sick quite often according to multiple statistics. Every year, Americans get approximately 1 billion colds. On average, between 5% and 20% of Americans come down with the flu each year. About 85% of Americans are allergic to poison ivy. Urinary tract infections account for around 8.1 million visits to doctors each year. Do the right thing, visit an urgent care clinic near you.

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