Why You Should Try Out Your Local Urgent Care Center


If you’re looking to get a medical examination or deal with a medical problem, consider getting help from a local urgent care center. After all, urgent care centers can be found all throughout the United States, with more than three million people attending them each and every week. The more than 20,000 doctors and medical professionals who staff these urgent care locations are highly skilled and able to deal with a complex array of medical concerns, from wound repair (the most common procedure conducted at any given urgent care clinic) to respiratory infections (by and large the most common illness diagnosed at various walk-in clinics throughout the country).

Of course, such issues are certainly not the only ones that your typical walk in clinic will be able to handle. In addition to these issues, more serious injuries can also be tackled. Even fractures can be treated at up to 80% of all urgent care centers here in the United States. Urgent care clinics can also, of course, handle various ankle sprains – and it’s a good thing too, as there are as many as 25,000 ankle sprains over the course of just one 24 hour period. It’s clear to see that when it comes to injury, a multicare urgent care center is most certainly a good place to have access to, to say the very least.

Preventative medical treatments can also be obtained from many a walk in urgent care center. After all, the vast majority of all walk in clinics provide flu shots, which are important for just about everyone to get, provided that they have exceeded six months of age. After all, the flu is rampant throughout the fall, winter, and spring months, with as much as one fifth of the total population of the United States alone contracting the flu in this span of time. Even in lesser years, still up to 5% of the total population will get the flu. And while many people think of the flu as nothing more serious than the common cold (of which there are a billion cases of in one single year), this is actually far from the case.

Unfortunately, flu cases lead to many hospitalizations and even deaths, as they can all too easily lead to complications that range from pneumonia to sepsis and beyond. For those who fall into at risk categories, developing such conditions and life threatening complications is all too likely, but even young, healthy adults can find themselves struggling for life during a bout of the flu. Fortunately, getting a flu shot will help, even if you end up catching the flu anyway (as no vaccination against the flu will ever be 100% effective, thanks to the mutating nature of the virus). If you contract the flu after getting the flu shot, as a matter of fact, you will likely find your symptoms to be much less severe than they otherwise would be.

Various other issues can of course also be treated in just about any urgent care clinic out there. For instance, infections are often seen presented for urgent care treatment. The urinary tract infection, commonly known as the UTI, is just one of them. As a matter of fact, there are more than eight million cases of UTIs diagnosed over the course of just one single year. For many people, getting a UTI treated will require a simple round of antibiotics, something that can easily be prescribed at one’s local urgent care location. For many people, it is clear to see why going to an urgent care center or walk-in medical care clinic would be much easier than trying to make a GP’s appointment for such a minor issue (though it is certainly a painful one and should not be underestimated in this way).

At the end of the day, there are a great many reasons why the need for urgent care centers is on the rise. Here in the United States, urgent care centers have a great many uses, from injury care to even some forms of preventative medicine, such as that of the flu shot. Ultimately, urgent care centers are very valuable indeed, and growing more so.

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