When to See a Family Practice Physician


When it comes to illnesses and injuries, many people are unsure of where they should go and when. For example, When should you go to the emergency room or urgent care, and when should you wait to see your family doctor? At what point is something an emergency? Also, how long should you wait? For example, if you can’t get in to see your regular doctor for three days, should you just go to the urgent care instead?

A regular family practice physician can take on a wide range of illnesses and injuries. For example, they are ideal for common illnesses like a cough or cold. They can provide antibiotics or other medications for these ailments and other common ones like a urinary tract infection or an ear infection.

Another common problem that you can see your regular family physician for is chronic illness. Chronic illnesses often require regular appointments, updates, and tests, which is why it is best to see your physician, opposed to going to an emergency room or urgent care where you would see a different doctor each time.

ADD, insomnia, addiction, and alcoholism are are chronic conditions that you should see your family doctor about. This will also allow for a single record to be maintained and regularly updated. Your doctor can work with you to create a treatment and care plan that is specialized to your specific needs.

a family practice physician will have the range of experience and knowledge to help you with your chronic condition or to provide you with the appropriate resources to help you. for many, it is about simply knowing where to go for help, and your family care physician is the best place to start.

If you are experience an acute emergency, you should go to the emergency room for your initial visit. Once the the immediate needs are treated, they can refer you back to your primary care physician for ongoing care. Urgent care facilities are ideal for illnesses or injuries that are not necessarily emergencies, but also should not be put off.

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