When And Why To Go To An Urgent Care Clinic In The United States


From urgent care Shoreline to urgent care Seattle WA, urgent care centers have become prominent all throughout the country. Since they were first developed and opened in the year of 2000 (now a full two decades in the past), urgent care clinics have become a staple here in the United States. Urgent care Shoreline and urgent care Burien WA and urgent care locations seen on the other side of the country (and everywhere in between, for that matter) just prove this point. After all, these urgent care clinics provide urgent care services and medical help to as many as three million people on a weekly basis, more than 85 million on a yearly one. For many people, urgent care Shoreline and urgent cares all throughout the country have become a staple for good medical care.

After all, urgent care Shoreline and many other urgent medical care clinics are able to give wide variety of care to the people who frequent them, staffing as many as 20,000 of the top doctors to provide this urgent care treatment. For instance, serious injuries can be handled with ease at not only urgent care Shoreline, but in walk in health clinics found in the entirety of the United States. This is based in data, data that shows that up to 80% of all urgent care locations – including urgent care Shoreline – can provide both diagnosis and treatment for minor fractures, no small thing by any regard.

But caring for injuries like sports injuries or injuries of any nature is far from the only thing that urgent care Shoreline and other urgent care clinics can accomplish. The typical medical walk in clinic, after all, can provide so much more. Preventative care is just one example, as most, if not all, urgent care clinics can provide flu shots to just about anyone (though children who are under the age of seven are likely to need to see their pediatrician to get their flu shot).

The flu, after all, is an illness that should be taken seriously. When many people come down with the flu, the impact on our world can actually be quite tremendous. Over the course of just one year, in fact, as many as 17 million workdays will be lost to this illness alone. And the total cost of the flu for this same period of time is also very high – more than $11 billion. Sadly, the flu also takes thousands of lives per year as well, mostly of those who fall into at risk populations but also sometimes the lives of otherwise healthy young adults as well. Protecting yourself with a flu shot can mitigate your chances of falling ill – but even if you do get the flu, having had a flu shot will help to ensure that your illness is much less serious than it otherwise would likely to have been.

Going to an urgent care center for other forms of care is also commonplace. For instance, sore throats and other symptoms of illness are quite likely to be seen at your typical urgent care center, such as urgent care Shoreline or even urgent care in Poulsbo or an urgent care facility on the other end of the country. After all, sore throats alone lead to as many as 13 million doctors visits just here in the United States on a yearly basis. Other common symptoms of illness, like fever and cough, are also likely to lead to many a doctor’s visit, including those that take place at urgent care Shoreline.

Ultimately, urgent care locations make up an important resource for those who would otherwise not be able to get medical care. They present a very viable alternative to going to an emergency room, saving the typical patient time as well as a great deal of money. For while the typical emergency room is open to everyone at all times of day or night, it is also true that wait times for such places are very long and, in addition to this, the cost of getting care from such a place is very high indeed.

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