What You Can Do With Your Bicycle


Among all vehicles around the world, one of the most common and convenient is the bicycle. These lightweight, motor-free vehicles can be used for one of three main functions: competitive racing, commuting, or leisure, and there are plenty of different models of bicycles out there for any of these three uses. But a rider should note that some bikes have different features for different purposes, even the seat, or saddle. Leather bicycle saddles, for example, are among the most comfortable to sit on, or they may be made of foam padding or other synthetic materials. Anatomical bicycle saddles may also have leather on them, and will be shaped differently than leather bicycle saddles for racing. A bicycle saddle’s entire shape will be dictated by its purpose, along with the wheels and the frame and other parts of the bicycle’s body. A rider may care most about getting the right tires and the best leather bicycle saddles, and bike seats can make all the difference. What makes bicycles so popular? What other factors should be considered?

Bicycles Around the World

Bicycles are nearly universal in many parts of the world, and there is a lot of appeal to these vehicles that makes them so common. In fact, there are nearly one billion bicycles around the world, meaning that they outnumber automobiles two to one, and there are some real advantages to these vehicles. For one thing, they are lightweight and narrow, meaning that they are much easier to transport and store than a car or even a motorcycle would be, since they don’t even have a motor in them. A bicycle can be put on top of a car on a bike rack, and some public buses even have bike racks on their front or back where a passenger’s bicycle may be stored during a bus ride. Bicycles are also inexpensive to build and purchase, also due to the lack of a motor, and this makes them accessible even to poor communities around the world, such as some in Africa or India, or even southeast Asia where cars and trucks aren’t as common.

What might these bicycles be used for? In developed parts of the world such as the United States, they are often used for bike racing, and leather bicycle saddles and special, narrow tires are used to make a bicycle fit for racing on pavement. This ranges from local races to the famous Tour de France, and some people have made a name for themselves with bicycle races. Bike riders often have lean bodies and wear tough helmets and certain outfits to keep them in good shape while riding, and their leather bicycle saddles will have the right shape for racing. This can be excellent cardio, and bicycle racing can really work out the legs.

Bicycles are great for exercise, and they can be great cardio when ridden for leisure, too. Many Americans buy bicycles and their spare parts for leisure riding in parks or in cities on bike lanes in the road, and this adds up to a large bicycle industry in the United States. Every year, Americans spend $81 million on bicycle gear, and this is for leisure riders and competitive racers alike. The bikes themselves, along with spare parts, helmets, and features and more may be bought from retailers for a bicycle. And this is good exercise; the British Medical Association found that coronary heart disease risks are lowered by 50% when a person rides on a bike for 20 miles per week.

A person can also commute with bicycles, and in some parts of the world, bicycles in fact often replace cars or trucks as the main mode of transport. Artisans and farmers in such communities often use platforms and baskets in their bicycles transport loads, even heavy or large loads, to and from markets or customers, such as big baskets of produce or hardware. In the United States and similar nations, people are not typically hauling baskets of fish to the market, but commuting to the office on a bicycle can be a great idea. This cuts down on pollution and also gives time for a great cardio workout on the way to work.

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