What is Thyroid Eye Disease?


Thyroid eye disease is something rarely talked about, especially in the public sphere. However, this disease is known to many in the medical field. This disease is incredibly rare, but it stills pays to know the signs and what to look out for in many different kinds of eye disease care. This video provides an educated look at thyroid eye disease, and how it is commonly treated in the medical industry.

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During thyroid eye disease, progressive inflammation of muscles, fat, and connective tissues around the eye cause vision problems and pain. This disease is in it’s active phase from 6 months – 2 years, with symptoms of inflammation, swelling, and damage of the eyes. The inactive phase lasts much longer, where progression stops but the symptoms stay the same. Some tell-tale signs of thyroid eye disease are inflamed eyes and eyes popping out of the socket. If these warning signs are present in your eyes, contact a doctor immediately to receive the eye disease care you need to successfully control and manage this illness. Medications and care for underlying diseases can help fight thyroid eye disease.


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