What is Neuropathy?


Have you ever noticed a tingling sensation in your fingers or toes for a prolonged period of time? Maybe you have even experienced a deminished sensation of feeling in these outer extremities. If there are no other discernable causes, this may be a case of Neuropathy. In this video, you will learn more about Neuropathy.

Neuropathy at its very core is an issue with your nerves. Nerves are what send electrical signals through your body and to your brain to convey the sense of feeling or that of pain.

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When the nerves are not behaving as they should, they may be sending pain signals without a real cause of pain. This can lead to chronic pain or loss of feeling in certain places. In general, this is caused by the nerves getting pressed or crushed by surrounding tissue or organs. Therefore, a treatment for Neuropathy is generally a minimally invasive procedure to release the pressure on the nerve. This will give it the space and time it needs to heal properly. After the healing process, this pain should go away. However, it requires some time to heal. You should not expect overnight healing. Talk to your doctor today about Neuropathy if these symptoms sounds familiar.


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