What Is CBT Treatment?


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a style of talk therapy used to treat many mental health conditions. CBT treatment aims to help people identify negative thought patterns and change them. This video from Psych Hub provides a great explanation of what CBT is and how it works.

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The basic concept behind CBT is that our feelings directly affect our behavior. You’re more likely to engage in harmful behaviors when you struggle with negative thoughts. CBT gives people fresh insight into their behavior patterns. It’s a way to break out from negative cycles and make positive changes that improve their well-being.

While it’s not always possible to control what’s happening around you, CBT gives people tools that help them deal with difficult situations. Many people find they can manage stress more effectively after CBT treatment, and some even see a boost in their confidence levels! CBT treats many mental health concerns but can also help people with stressful circumstances, such as chronic pain.

During CBT, people learn valuable coping skills that help them in many aspects of life. CBT is a highly recommended treatment, so discussing it with a professional is worthwhile. If you give it a try, you may see amazing results.


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