What is a Walk In Medical Clinic?


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In the medical community, the term “walk in medical clinic” can mean a number of different things. Some places, for example, use the term to refer to a temporary medical program which provides a specific type of care or treatment. Meanwhile, other areas are beginning to use the phrase to describe urgent care centers, a type of medical clinic that is growing increasingly popular throughout the United States. But despite the difference in these two uses, the two initiatives are beginning to work towards similar goals, especially when it comes to treating conditions like the flu.

On January 14, the Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, MD plans to offer a community-wide medical walk in clinic. Located at the center’s Avery W. Hall Educational Center Auditorium, the program will specifically offer the flu vaccine to all patients who are at least 13 years of age. Like many walk in medical clinics, advance registration is not required, but supplies are limited. The program is also free, but the center is requesting a $10 cash donation per vaccination to help support their efforts.

For those in the Salisbury area who are unable to attend the event, however, local urgent care facilities will likely be able to offer similar help. While the term “walk in medical clinic” is more of a description of their services, which offer treatment for non-life-threatening conditions without an appointment, urgent care center clinics often organize programs to help vaccinate people against viruses like the flu. But unlike the PRMC’s walk in clinic, urgent care centers will also offer the flu vaccination throughout flu season, allowing patients to get protection at their convenience.

Regardless of the type of walk in medical clinic used, programs like ones in Salisbury and urgent care centers are both a useful tool in fighting the flu. This year, the CDC announced that the number of flu cases has reached epidemic proportions, making vaccination efforts an important step in reducing the nation’s numbers. Refernce materials.

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