What a Local Primary Care Doctor Does All Day


If you want to know what a local primary care doctor does all day, Marlon Joseph MD will explain it to you in this video set up by Oschner Health. Hopefully, this will educate and inform you on the daily activities of a primary care doctor.

A primary care doctor must not only be passionate about their job but be ready to connect with a lot of people on a human level.

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They perform preventative care visits that the patient is encouraged to take part in once a year. Dr. Joseph sees a variety of patients, often entire families, from small children to the elderly. One of the most important aspects of being a local primary care doctor is being able to generate trust between doctor and patient. This ensures that the patient is more forthcoming, making him or her easier to treat.

Whether the doctor is examining patients in an office or visiting them in a hospital room, they need to make a personal connection to let their patients know that they are there to help them through any illness or injury they might have. It is a difficult job but certainly a fulfilling one. Contact your local primary care doctor for more information today.

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