Walkin Bath Tubs Helping Generations Stay Safe and Comfortable


Bathtubs walk in

Walkin bath tubs are the perfect solution for the elderly, disabled or any one suffering from specific aliments such as arthritis and knee or hip replacements. Walkin bath tubs are ideal for people who cannot bathe in a normal bath. Walk in baths offer a much more accommodating setting for these people because of freedom of mobility and the ability to sit down. A walkin bathtub are specialty tubs that allow a person to enter the tub without having to lift his or her legs over the side of the tub. Usually, walk in bathtubs will include a chair-height seat, but sometimes not as they will have the same basic configuration of a standard tub with no seat.

There’s never any worrying about leaking or wet floors as walk in baths and showers
have a watertight door, which forms a hydrostatic seal when the door is closed a latched. As the walkin bathtub sills up, the weight of the water will further compress the deal, and it becomes completely leak proof. There are also some walkin bath tubs that have an outward-swinging door and come with a special seal to prevent any leaks.

Walk in baths for elderly are becoming more popular in the US as new homes are beginning to specially feature them. They have been in the European market for over thirty years, but are finally now just hitting the states. Many think this trend will continue as the baby boomers reach closer and closer to retirement and become in need of age solution products.

Walkin bath tubs are very helpful for people who need them as they put comfort and mobility ahead of everything else in design. They can help those in need and will continue to be pushed forward in the American market as the biggest generation in history reaches old age. They are ideal for the elderly and disabled and will really help those with special aliments. Don’t wait any longer if you are having trouble in and out of your tub, find a walk in tub today.

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