Top Three Pragmatic Reasons to Switch to E-Cigarettes


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There has been lively debate on the merits of e cigarettes versus normal cigarettes since the advent of the electronic cig in 2007. There are three factors that are undeniably in favor of e cigs in any debate on the subject, however. Here are three reasons to consider switching to e cigs the next time you go to the store:

1. Not Switching Could Literally Be the Death of You

The first and most perfunctory reason to switch that must be touted out is the health aspect. Cigarettes are known to be a highly carcinogenic substance and e cigarettes are much less so. Switching between the two could mean adding months or even years to your life. That is reason enough to consider switching on its own. However…

2. Picking Up E Cigarette Refill Cartridges at the Convenience Store is Just More Convenient

Another great appeal of e cigarettes is the convenience. If you smoke normal cigarettes, you must purchase cigarettes every once in a while. If you smoke e cigarettes, you will have to purchase e cigarette liquid refills sometimes. It is a fact of life. There is more to this comparison than just cigarettes versus e cigarette liquid refills, though. If you smoke normal cigarettes, you must also purchase matches or lighter fluid. It is a second item to consider and another hassle in a smoker’s life. If you have a rechargeable battery for the e cigarette, however, all you need ever buy is the fluid.

3. The Best E Cig Juice Flavors Come in a Much Wider Spectrum

Finally, one should consider switching to e cigarettes for the taste. Normal cigarettes have a set of classic tastes that appeal to many. However, there are many other tastes that folk are fond of. An e cigarette smoker has a choice of all sorts of different flavors, many of them fruity, when they purchase their product. This choice allows people the freedom to optimize their smoking enjoyment. What appeals to you most about e cigarettes? To learn more, read this:

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