Three Important Things to Know About Thyroid Disease


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Did you know that women are five to eight times more likely to develop thyroid conditions than men? Since 60% of Americans with thyroid conditions are unaware that they have them, it is important to learn all about thyroid disease in order to combat it more effectively. By understanding the causes and symptoms of thyroid disease, it will be easier to determine the best course of treatment.

1. Causes. The cause is relatively unknown, but there are several risk factors for thyroid disease. Smoking, high stress, family history of thyroid problems, pregnancy, iodine supplements, and over-consumption of soy are all known risk factors for thyroid disease. Although these factors may increase the risk of thyroid disease, it is important to remember that the precise cause is still unknown.

2. Symptoms. There are several types of thyroid disease, such as hypothyroidism and autoimmune thyroid disease, and some have similar symptoms. Rapidly gaining or losing weight, abnormally high or low blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, and tight feeling in the neck or throat are all common symptoms thyroid disease. Since some symptoms thyroid disease may indicate a specific condition, it is important to see a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.

3. Treatment. Once a doctor discovers the specific type of thyroid disease you have, the best treatment option will be determined. Depending on which form of thyroid disease is present, a doctor will either prescribe medication, perform surgery, or pursue radioactive iodide treatment. After the appropriate treatment method is implemented, your thyroid levels will be continually monitored to ensure that everything is where it should be.

Although men are less prone to thyroid conditions than women, the threat of thyroid disease is always looming. There are several risk factors and symptoms of thyroid disease, and understanding them will help determine the best treatment method. As a result, thyroid disease does not have to ruin your life.

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