The Top Three Things You Should Know about Healthy Fitness


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Lots of people discuss a fitness plan for weight loss at some point or another, but do not stick with it, and some simply do not value fitness that much as a whole. More than just general doctrine, though, there are three very concrete reasons why you should find time in your schedule for fitness. Here are three things that might convince you to renew your gym membership:

1. Longevity

Many people hold that youthful fantasy that they will live forever, even if they do not acknowledge it, but the fact of the matter is that everyone will die. Some people, however, will die sooner than others, even baring fatal accidents. A 2012 study found that a healthy diet and exercise regimen can extend a person’s life by as much as five or six years depending on the person’s gender. That is a very concrete benefit of healthy living: living longer!

2. Disease Prevention

A diet doesn’t just go into extending your life, however; it also goes into ensuring the quality of that life. Many chronic illnesses can be prevented by simply eating healthy and regularly, saving you that time and trouble that you would normally spend sick. It also makes exercise that much easier, since it is easier to keep off weight than take it off. On that note…

3. It’s Accessibility

Healthy living is honestly not a big commitment. Many people envision spending hours at the gym, eating only energy bars and fruit throughout the day, but a fitness plan for weight loss need not be so rigorous. As little as thirty cumulative minutes of exercise throughout the day and a slight reduction in the amount of calories you are eating can ensure you do not need to find a beachbody coach or join beach body programs. Any nutrition coach training would leave these figures with the same advice: find a sustainable diet that is just a big smaller than what you need to sustain your weight. Knowing that, anyone can become a weight loss coach! What do you think about fitness?

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