The Nine Wheelchair Attachments That Everyone With Limited Mobility Can Benefit From


Millions of Americans are living with limited mobility and having the right wheelchair alterations are crucial to making sure they can get around in comfort. If you or someone you know uses a wheelchair to get around. Consider investing in these wheelchair accessories and attachments.

The Best Wheelchair Attachments And Accessories

  • Wheelchair Calf Straps. Wheelchair calf straps are designed to stop the user’s leg from falling back away from the footplates. Wheelchair calf straps are soft to the touch and cushion the calf while the chair is in use. Usually made from durable, fluid-resistant, anti-microbial fabrics, wheelchair calf straps offer needed support while not getting in the way of folding or storing. Additionally, wheelchair calf straps can be easily unattached and affixed to another chair if needed.
  • Wheelchair Cushions. The purpose of a wheelchair cushion should be comfort and support. Normally, wheelchair cushions vary depending on the hight of the person using the chair. They can also vary depending on the type of chair, and the desired material. Foam cushions are the main go-to for comfort; however, keep in mind these tend to wear down easily. Don’t be afraid to mix and match cushions until you find the one that suits you best.
  • Wheelchair Backrest. Standard wheelchairs keep the occupant in the same position all the time, this can not only become uncomfortable, but it can harm a person’s posture over time. Adding a backrest is a great way to change posture, and alleviate any stress on the back. Additionally, some can come with headrests for even more comfort.
  • Brake Extensions. If you or someone you know has difficulty reaching their breaks, consider investing in brake extensions. These allow for easy and secure breaking and can help prevent injury due to fumbling with the wheels.
  • Wheelchair Organizers. For those who have limited mobility, attaching an organizer to your chair can be the best way to ensure you always have everything you need. Organizers typically have several closable compartments so that all valuables and essentials can be easily retrieved without being lost. They can usually be affixed either to the back of the chair or to the side, depending on how accessible you need it to be.
  • LED Lights. Whether you need help getting around at night, or just want people to see you more readily in the dark. Attaching LED lights to both the front and back of your wheelchair can make it easier for you to see your path, and easier for people to see you. LEDs are also available in many different colors so you can mix and match for a chair that’s completely customizable.
  • Gloves. While not an attachment, those who use manual chairs can often experience painful callouses after moving around all day. Specialty gloves designed for wheelchair users help alleviate this pain and make getting around a little bit easier.
  • Wheelchair Trays. Whether you’re reading, eating, or writing something, it helps to have a solid surface in front of you, especially if you don’t want to move all the way to the nearest table. A wheelchair tray makes it easier to do all of these everyday tasks without worry.
  • Wheelchair Slippers. Wheelchairs can track in a lot of dirt, so to prevent a lot of clean up slip on some wheelchair slippers. Cleaning can be a lot more difficult with limited mobility, so the less you have to do, the better.

If you or someone you know relies on a wheelchair for mobility, consider the great attachments that can make getting around just a little bit easier.

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