The Dangers of Breathing in Asbestos and the Urgency to Have it Removed


A category of naturally occurring mineral fibers called asbestos is found in rock and many other places. For many years, homes and other buildings used asbestos as a building material. Asbestos is typically white, and if it becomes loose or deteriorates, its matted fibers may crumble. Even while asbestos isn’t used on a large scale in businesses anymore, it can still be found in many older homes and structures hence the need for abatement service. Older hot water boilers, water pipes, and heating ducts may have asbestos wrapped around them or sealed together.

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Cement, ceiling materials and flooring may also contain asbestos.
These fibers are found naturally and used as an essential component in many industrial products. They are strong, fire-resistant, and noise-absorbing. Unfortunately, asbestos has also been connected to a number of deadly diseases, including cancer. These tiny threads enter your lungs through your breath. Inflammation and cellular damage, which are precursors to malignant and non-cancerous medical disorders, may occur if the fibers build up over time. Asbestos exposure can cause a delayed kind of illness, it frequently takes decades for a disease to become visibly apparent.

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