Simple Guide for Building Your Own Home Gym


As a health and fitness enthusiast, exercising regularly makes you feel whole, happy. Unfortunately, going to the gym regularly can be a challenge.

You might have work, children to look after, or other commitments are holding you back. This is the reason why you should consider home fitness and work on setting up your own gym.

Since this is new to you, you’re likely to have some challenges.

What gym equipment do you need? What type of space suitable for a home gym?

Here is a simple guide for building your own home gym.

Choosing the Right Equipment

The home fitness equipment that you choose largely depends on what type of exercise you want to engage in.

Generally speaking, there are two different types of equipment you can buy – cardio equipment and strength equipment. If you are exercising to lose weight or to stay fit, then it’s best that you chose cardio equipment.

On the other hand, if the purpose of your exercise is to build strength as you may be an athlete or preparing to run a 10k, then you are better off with strength equipment.

You should know that what gym equipment you get is not cast in stone as most exercising routines cut across cardio and building strength.

You can visit a home fitness store, where you’ll get the right exercising equipment for your needs.

Work With the Available Space

There is no ideal room size for a home gym. This is because no matter how much space you have, you will always feel like things could be a little better if you had a little more.

The best approach when building your own home gym is to work with the available space.

Even in a tiny studio apartment, you can still have room for a home gym though this might involve moving some stuff every time you want to exercise.

Keep in mind that if you have limited space, the home fitness equipment you can have is limited. You might have to go with modular gym equipment to get the best out of your space.

The Essentials

As a health and fitness enthusiast, there are essentials that you should not miss. Top on the list is a yoga mat that can be used for several workouts, including yoga, stretching, and pilates.

You also need a pair of kettlebells for up-ing the resistance for bodyweight workouts and weight lifting.

Additionally, resistance bands can be useful for stretching and stretching training.

Once you are done with those first three, the next essentials you should add are dumbbells, medicine balls, and a foam roller.

By working with an industry leading home fitness store, you’ll get all the essentials within your budget.

Install a Mirror

When it comes to home fitness, you are your own trainer.

Installing a mirror will allow you to have eyes on you while you exercise.

One of the leading causes of injury for those who exercise at home is a poor use of gym equipment. Having a mirror in front of you will allow you to exercise right.

This means that you’ll have significantly minimized your chances of getting injured.

Install Music

Historically, music has been used as a form of motivation during tough work.

Installing music in your home gym means that you can work out for longer, as you will be motivated.

Installing music in your home gym can be as simple as buying a Bluetooth speaker to putting in a smart TV or tablet to watch fitness and exercise videos.

Work with a reputable home fitness store with lots of experience in helping clients pursue their healthy living goals. Such a store should meet all your gym equipment needs with whatever budget you have.

You can be sure to be on the right path for healthy living with quality equipment and top-notch services.

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