Planning the Perfect Romantic and Activity Filled Weekend


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The spring is a great time for planning a romantic couples weekend. The weather is warmer, encouraging outdoor time. For some couples, however, it can be difficult to plan a romantic couples weekend that is entertaining to both couple members. Sometimes, planning the perfect tip requires a little research, thought, and early planning. The following activities are unique, yet romantic couples weekend activities that both you and your spouse are sure to enjoy.

Local road trip
Taking a road trip can actually be a very romantic thing to do, especially with someone you love and enjoy spending time with. The open roads encourage communication and laughter. You can stop off at unique places during your commute. You can research restaurants you have never been to along your route. You can even remember your youth and engage in a couple of childhood driving games. Road trips are a great way to learn even more about your partner and they are the perfect precursor to a wonderful weekend getaway.

Lakefront cabin
Most states have access to some type of lakefront property. You might have to drive to reach the nearest lake, but for most people, it is a relatively short drive. If you do not have access to any lake rentals in your home state, consider arranging flight or bus travel. Secluding yourself in a lakefront cabin can be the perfect couples trip. Cabins are often small and cozy and have many available activities. You can sightsee on the lake or build a small fire to warm yourselves in the evenings.

An international study showed that 59% of people prefer a relaxing vacation to a more active one. However, if you are part of that other 41%, lakefront cabin rentals also offer many opportunities for outdoor activities. You can hike, boat, bike, fish, or even choose to camp outdoors. While some couples prefer luxury accommodations, others enjoy simple, outdoor vacations. You can also engage in some romantic outdoor dining, overlooking the lake and night time stars.

Resort vacations
Resorts are one of the most common types of romantic couples weekends. Resorts give you all of the luxury amenities you might desire, large and comfortable suites, spa like bathrooms, on site five star restaurants, and a variety of couples activities around the resort. Signing up for a couples yoga class or couples massage can be both relaxing and romantic. According to a 2016 AMTA consumer survey, around 19% of American adults received at least one massage between July 2015 and July 2016. If massages and spa services are you and your partner?s idea of relaxation, consider planning an entire couples weekend around a spa trip.

Couples weekend
While a couples weekend might seem less than entertaining to some, others enjoy the idea of spending a weekend getaway with other couples. If you are especially social, a couple?s trip could be a great idea. It not only gives you the opportunity to bond closer with your partner, but you can also get to know your friend?s and their partners better as well. Attending a couple?s retreat can not only strengthen your relationship, but can provide you with entertainment and an abundance of social activities. You will also find that you develop closer friendships than ever before.

Couple?s trips are an important part of a successful relationship. According to an AARP survey, 24% of millennials planned to go on a romantic getaway in 2016. However, a large percentage of people still seem couples weekends as obligatory. If your couples getaway trip seems more like an obligation than a vacation, it is possible that you are not planning the best type of activities for you and your spouse. Consider your likes and preferences and the types of things that you enjoy doing together. Then, plan a weekend getaway around that. You will feel refreshed, renewed, and closer to your partner.

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