Mold Inspections Will Make Your Home Healthier


If you see mold in your kitchen or bathroom, you need to eliminate it and address the source. Mold grows in damp areas, so leaky pipes, leaking roofs, high humidity, and poor ventilation can be some of the causes of the growth of mold. Extensive areas of mold require hiring a mold remediation service to remove mold safely and identify the cause.

Black mold is dark in color and can cause health issues, especially for those that have allergies and asthma. If you notice black mold behind baseboard, you must remove the baseboards, clean, and sanitize the entire area, and address the cause to avoid mold regrowth. Does Pine Sol kill black mold? Pine-Sol is a disinfectant so it can eliminate mold, but it depends on how extensive the mold is. Also, Pine Sol can’t be used on certain surfaces.

Clean and green mold remediation uses environmentally friendly products to remove mold, such as hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and baking soda.

A mold inspection business identifies the type of mold, inspects the source of dampness, takes samples, tests the air quality, and may also provide remediation services. Large areas of mold should be eliminated by professionals since they‘ll have the necessary skills and equipment.

Mold remediation

Mold breaks down organic material making it crucial for the environment. It thrives in moist conditions and loves to live inside people’s homes as the conditions there are nearly perfect for it. The temperature is right. The humidity is often optimal. By producing at least 200 toxins, household mold is a leading cause of indoor air pollution. In fact, indoor air quality is often far worse than the air quality outdoors. The presence of mold in a home contributes to a variety of respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Given this is one of the most common chronic illnesses, mold presents a real public health threat. Homeowners need to be diligent about getting a mold inspection as often as is warranted.

Things to keep in mind before a home mold inspection

  1. For a proper mold inspection, you need a professional. Qualified Mold Inspectors are trained and know what to look for when searching for signs of mold growth. The person who inspects your house needs to be from a reputable company with experience and the correct certifications.
  2. Don’t forget past mold growth. You need to find current and past mold growth. If you do not find the former but you do find the latter, you may have a moisture problem. Mold thrives in moist conditions so this may indicate that it is just a matter of time before the mold returns.
  3. Protect the structure of the house. Mold loves to get into place like crawlspaces. If it does take hold there, it can cause major damage to the structure of your home. Any mold inspection should include these areas.
  4. Not all mold is bad mold. Like bacteria, there is such a thing as good mold. Some harmless molds grow on wood. They usually stain it black. If any of this is found, it should be sent out for mold testing.
  5. Watch out for water. Again, mold loves water. The mold inspection should include a search for water in places where it does not belong. Even if mold is not found, the water source should be found and eliminated so that future mold growths do not occur. Undiscovered sources of water and other moisture can cause a host of problems so it is crucial that it be found.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) investigations examine what contaminants are present in the air. This generally includes the mold inspection but there are a host of other things in the air that cause illness. Indoor air quality testing should include looking for other causes of the illness. Also, make sure the heating and air conditioning unit has new filters and the system has been properly maintained to prevent the circulation of irritants in the air.

These inspections are the first steps you can take to improve indoor air quality and help make your family healthier.

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