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Thyroid treatment

My body is falling apart. I was in an accident a year ago, not a serious one but an accident nonetheless. And since then, it has been one thing after another. I was already seeing a doctor for thyroid treatment and sciatica treatment. After the accident I also needed back pain treatment, neck pain treatment, and just overall headache treatment. The headache treatment was on the most forefront of my mind. My headaches were crippling. They kept me from work and even from sleep. It was seriously affecting my quality of life. I needed a headache treatment that would work.

At first the only headache treatment my doctors offered me was medications. That was fine for the short term. But long term, I did not want to be dependent on drugs to live my life. A friend spoke to me about functional medicine. Functional medicine is a combination of Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine, and scientific research. The way it was explained to me, it considers a more hole view of medicine, including philosophy of balance with physiology from western medicine. From where I stood, it was the best of both worlds. Desperate to find a headache treatment to ease my pain, I found a clinic specializing in functional medicine.

Thank goodness I did. The doctor I met there treated my entire body, not just my symptoms. My prescribed headache treatment was not another bottle of pills, it was massage, acupuncture, and changes in diet. I can not say that I am back to perfect health, but the headache treatment I have been receiving has brought me back to the land of the living. I feel confident in my doctor and she is very knowledgeable in both eastern and western medicine. And, well, because I am seeing results. I am back to work full time, my children are no longer afraid of me, and all is well in the world once again.

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