Lasik Eye Surgery Greenville SC


Lasik surgery

Back in 1999, the FDA first approved the excimer laser for eye LASIK surgery. The term “excimer” is short for excited dimer, and the excimer laser changed the way people can obtained better vision. If you are looking for information about LASIK eye surgery Greenville SC, be sure to get familiar with how the procedure actually works. One of the advantages associated with Lasik eye surgery columbia sc is the fact no bandages or stitches are required. In fact, LASIK is an outpatient procedure and the process only takes 15 minutes for each eye on average. However, there are side affects to keep in mind.

Side effects associated with LASIK eye surgery Greenville SC include dry eyes and glare. These side effects go away after time and patients are able to see better even at night once their eyes heal. A Lasik eye center should provide you brochures and information about how reshaping the cornea can improve your vision. The cornea dictates how light travels to the back of the eye to the retina. Clinics specializing in Lasik charleston sc must be licensed, trained and experienced with LASIK procedures. More one LASIK eye surgery Greenville SC is on medical sites that provide advice and tips.

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