Importance of Expert Witnesses in Malpractice Suits


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This video discusses court cases and why it’s important to have a medical expert witness go to the stand and testify for a client.

One reason to have an expert witness is to add clarity to the case. The jury is more likely to believe a person with years of schooling and experience in the medical field than other witnesses.

That doesn’t mean other witness testimonies are not valuable. However, an expert witness brings a certain level of validity to the case.

Another reason to have an expert medical person testify is that such a person can help the jury to understand issues that might be complex. The explanation that the expert gives can help the jury members use their critical thinking skills much better so that they can make an informed decision about the events.

Some things are impossible for a person to do from a medical perspective. Therefore, a medical expert can help to explain why a certain defendant may be innocent of a crime because of a medical impossibility.

The same thing can work for establishing possible guilt. Experts can present information that will help jury members to understand. Watch the video above for more information on medical expert witnesses.

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