Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Treatment for Lyme Disease


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment centers are able to treat many different conditions, including Lyme disease. Patients enter one of the hyperbaric oxygen chambers where oxygen is pumped in at levels higher than atmospheric pressure so that oxygen saturates the circulatory system and higher levels of oxygen are delivered to the tissues and organs of the body. There are numerous benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and many insurance companies will cover the use of hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment.

What is Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is caused by bacterium which is introduced to the human population via the bite of some ticks. It was first documented in the region of Lyme, Connecticut, in 1975. The initial recognition came from an unusually high number of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis cases in the local population. Since that time, the number of cases has increased as well as the areas in which it is found. Symptoms vary but may include headache, fever, skin rash, and fatigue. If not treated appropriately infection can spread to the nervous system, joints, and the heart. However, it is usually treated successfully with several weeks of antibiotics. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment is a complementary treatment option than can help reduce the symptoms of lyme disease.

Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment can be used in helping patients fend off the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. The bacterium that causes the disease can not live in oxygen. Because hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment increases the levels of oxygen levels, it is possible for the levels of bacteria to be reduced. During the process toxins may be released as the bacteria begins to die off. This can cause some symptoms, including flushing, chills, fever, and headache. However, these symptoms usually only last a couple of days at most, and may resolve within hours. Medication can be given to help reduce the symptoms as needed.

Known hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits are increasing steadily as the role high levels of oxygen can play in the healing process become better understood. The treatment of Lyme disease is just one of many conditions that can be improved with the treatment. The industry is constantly looking for new applications in order to improve the health of individuals with a reduced need of pharmaceutical interventions.

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