How Getting Heart-Healthy Today Could Save Your Life Tomorrow


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With all the controversy rising about quality healthcare and how we can best achieve equal healthcare for everyone, it seems that doctors and hospitals have been center stage for awhile. Yet, despite all the opinions and fighting, they go on doing their job: saving people’s lives at their nearest medical center. It’s important for all of us to be watching our health — it’s easy to put it on the back burner, in favor of working longer hours, spending time with family, etc. Eating out at fast food joints can be a quick and cheap option for families on the go and exercise is often an afterthought. However, starting good healthy practices now can save you and your loved ones from a heart attack or other diseases.
What are the Stats on Our Current Fitness?
Although many Americans are blessed to only go to a medical center for a routine check-up, many others are constantly in and out of the hospital, due to cancer care, oncology services, and joint replacement services. Over 700,000 Americans suffer from a heart attack annually. And we’re not doing ourselves any favors — high blood pressure, high amounts of LDL cholesterol, and smoking are all huge factors in getting heart disease. And unfortunately, almost 50% of Americans have one of these factors.
Even more worrisome is the lack of physical activity among Americans. Less than 5% of adults do 30 minutes of physical activity every day and seven out of ten adults say they don’t exercise with any regularity. Considering that not being active physically is the fourth biggest risk factor in mortality rates globally, maybe we should be paying attention. It’s even more important as one ages — maintaining good bones and balance can make the difference if you fall and break something crucial or not. Over 80% of adults aren’t up to the standard for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.
How Can I Limit My Risk of Having a Heart Attack or Stroke?
You’ll definitely want to check your family history first — if your family has a history of having heart related problems, you’ll want to monitor yourself very closely. You should 100% stop smoking if you do — as hard as it might be to quit, having a heart attack is even worse. Get your cholesterol down — you can talk with your doctor to make a plan for this. Starting to cultivate a heart-healthy diet will keep your cholesterol down and probably also leave you feeling better. It goes without saying that you should also start getting more physical activity, which works out your heart. Eating better and working out will also probably have positive effects on your weight, which is another great step towards becoming more heart-healthy. Also start trying to lower your blood pressure – if you’re in a high stress job or frequently get angry, you may be more at risk for heart disease. Practicing meditation or similarly soothing activities could make a huge difference.
You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to start practicing heart healthy measures. Don’t let the first heart attack be your wake-up call. Start preventive measures now and avoid a trip to your medical center.

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