How Can Binocular Vision Disorder Cause Anxiety?


In a recent video on YouTube called How Binocular Vision Dysfunction Can Cause Anxiety, Dr. Cheryl Berger Israeloff of the Neurological Center of New York discusses the topic. Symptoms of binocular vision dysfunction are blurry or double vision, light sensitivity, squinting, tiredness from reading, eye strain, restless sleep, dizziness, and anxiety when driving. This is a binocular vision disorder that often causes anxiety in patients.

Dr. Berger Israloff says that the anxiety comes from the problem with vision and not trusting the environment.

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Blurry vision when driving can cause accidents and a feeling of not being safe. This binocular vision disorder will affect your emotions and feeling of trusting your perception of what you see. Many patients see shadows and added motion to what they are seeing. Their images are not still or perfectly aligned.

The eye doctor will give the patient a thorough eye exam to determine if this is the cause of their problem. The patient is treated by prescribing glasses with micro prism lenses to help with the symptoms of the disorder. Each patient is different and will be prescribed a different strength lens. Most patients will see an improvement right away in symptoms, and with fine-tuning, will improve 80%. The symptoms of anxiety will generally lessen with the improvement of visual symptoms.

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